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Zendesk Consulting

Pioneira em usar a Zendesk no Customer Service, a BCR é a única consultoria Zendesk que possui conhecimento no dia a dia de operação de atendimento para construção de uma Zendesk completa.

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Virtual PABX

Virtual PABX em operadora Anatel STFC e SCM para redução de custo de telefonia e melhoria de satisfação de clientes em URA’s dinamicas, discadoras preditivas e inteligência artificial.

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Customer Experience - CX

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Boutique of Relationship, modern and focused on customers

Our work with good companies and Market Leadership and it's detach by the easiness in implantantion, quickly in results and gain manutention. Cases in a lot of companies, with continuous improvement in support, consulting and Customer Experience. Meet how Market Leadership Companies found at BCR as ideal solution.

BCR and Reclame Aqui

Do you know that the BCR Customers are examples at Reclame Aqui ranking? Only 10 years after creation, BCR has a good portfolio with large market names in different segments, such as education, high jewelry, vestuary and a lot of more; that trust and bet in our competency acting with Customer Service.

What's an omnichannel platform?

An omnichannel platform put the customer completely as the 'universe center', one time that it creates a positive perspection of his experience with the organization, especially by the easiest access proporcionated by the brand digital presence(social media, email, cell phone, etc) and the physical access.


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