Case - Empório da Cerveja

BCR has become a strategic partner, acting in continuous improvement, together with Emporio da Cerveja(Ambev), achieving the ReclameAqui award belong 4 years consecutive, with customer satisfaction in 90%
BCR makes Emporio da Cerveja win for 4 years consecutives the ReclameAqui Award to Exclusive SAC

Empório da Cerveja

Logo Empório da Cerveja, Icone de garrafa de cerveja
BCR and Empório da Cerveja has achieved the ReclameAqui Award for 4 years consecutives, with customer satisfaction in 90%. Through the relationship, SAC, ChatBot, BackOffice, ReclameAqui Support and a high level team, using this, it's possible to solutionate all problems in a critical operation. By attendance consultancy, constantly training, technology implantation and data feedback to otimize the operation, BCR was determinated as a strategic partner and acting with continuous improvement, raising emporio in a high performance and Customer Experience.
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