Anti fraud

Since 2010, BCR realizes anti fraud analysis with high performance tools to e-commerce. We act with different platforms of fraud analysis, embedded in an query system in bureau with low cost for high demand. Besides fraud prevention, BCR works in the process to recover Chargeback. Our platform analyze all the data registered by the customer in realtime.

Our anti fraud tools

Kount is good solution for payment fraud prevention, with more than 12 years on market, protects e-commerce in competitive environments with high risk, while permits that companies offer an experience without problems with legitime customers. Kount's about in 180 countries and more than 6.500 stores in globe

Globally famous and powerful tool, Adyen has chosen BCR to be their BPO for fraud analysis in different stores in Brazil.

Our analysis

About 0 of orders processed in 2019 in our Anti Fraud platforms
More than 0 BRL in transactions

Our Anti fraud partners

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