BCR is the pioneer in Brazil in creating apps for Zendesk inside its Apps Marketplace. Is about to dozens of private projects, when a company needs an app based in some specific necessity and some to public market.

Our apps can raise your operation productivity !


Humorikon makes your Zendesk more friendly and funny, bringing emojis to your tickets !


BuscaCep facilitates the work of your operators when they need to work with addresses in Brazil.

Company Search

CompanySearch is a new method for working with informations registered at your Zendesk in organizations.

Customer Humor

Customer Humor was built to stabilize the register of customer service quality by your operator!

Disparo em Massa

Disparo em Massa is a great way to send bulk emails, opening tickets directly in your Zendesk Support.

Realtime Dashboard

RealTime is the best method to manage all of your tickets at Zendesk by a simple a practical way, all of this in RealTime !

Ticket Family

Using Ticket Family you'll can associate a ticket with another, and view the both at same time !

API Connect

API Connect is the ideal application to you that want to integrate Zendesk with any platform without headache!


TrackPack is a resource to work and track with orders in Brazil! Besides queries, it's possible to apply in a ticket the results without copy/paste the data.

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