Zendesk Support. O que é? Como funciona?

Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support allows to insert all customer service interations with the customer in an unique area, making a perfect personal and efficient comunication, doing all agents more productives and making customers happier.
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What Zendesk Support does?

O Support serve para conversar e resolver os problemas dos seus clientes unindo várias plataformas em apenas uma, fazendo com que o conceito de omnicanal seja aplicado perfeitamente.

Which tools Support has?

Support has a lot of tools to integrate with another platform such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Salesforce and so on... Besides that it has - Ticket Forms; Conditional ticket fields and custom ticket fields; SLA views; multilingual support; multibrand; Business Roles and much more.

Application Marketplace and BCR Apps

Zendesk marketplace has apps to help in your daily tasks, BCR has some apps there, for instance Realtime Dashboard, API Connect(API Integration on Zendesk without any development) and Ticket Family(Proactive Tickets).

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