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The BCR smart consultancy with Zendesk appeared with the operational experience that we inherited from our operations in Contact Center. Bringing not only principles in customer service, but a good operational flow benchmark using Zendesk aligned with the the reality of companies that look for customer satisfaction.
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Produtos Zendesk

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"O Explore é responsável por prover relatórios para mensurar e melhorar a experiência dos clientes"

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"O Sunshine é uma plataforma de CRM flexível, podendo conectar os dados do cliente em um lugar!"

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Why use Zendesk?

Reasons to use Zendesk

Zendesk is the main CRM tool used by famous market companies!


Integrate all channels in an unique contact platform.


Intuitive platform

Products and Services

Tickets management, reports, online chat, apps and a lot of more

Why BCR?

More than 0 Consultorias Zendesk realizadas
More than 0 Agents use our Apps monthly
More than 0 Countries using our services


Main necessities understanding and how to monitorate customer service flow

Assertive Planning

Its defined how much time and checkpoints to the project success

Comunicative deployment

We make the tool deployment by a transparent method and with clear deadlines, so everything is carried out as agreed


Navigation training and tool management to a better autocontrol to the company that contracted our services, creating independence in Zendesk


After tool deployment, we follow with our support in a comfortable due, taking any questions and answering your requests

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