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Addressing our clients' challenges requires the best and most advanced technologies in the market.

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Zendesk is a CRM company focused on customer service and optimizing the entire customer journey, utilizing a software base that aims to synchronize processes in a practical and customizable way, aligning the entire company. This makes the overall experience more objective and profitable.

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Ícone Comma

The Comma (Communication Manager) is a platform/application developed by the technology team at BCR.CX with the aim of facilitating communication with both internal and external customers, providing enhanced experiences.

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Ícone Conciex

A new tool that translates and interprets natural language, turning service data into valuable insights, streamlining processes, and simplifying the economy and optimization of operational resources; all while speaking the language of everyone, from the operational team to decision-makers.

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Ícone Data42

Data42 offers personalized technology services aimed at maximizing results through processes that provide efficiency and reliability in data capture and interconnection. This is achieved through intuitive visualizations for clients, enabling decision-making with greater accuracy and predictability.

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Ícone 55PBX

55PBX is a company specializing in Virtual PBX solutions designed specifically to boost team productivity and achieve customer satisfaction. They enable the organization and optimization of your call center in the best possible way, creating new opportunities for your company to ensure the best in smart telephony.

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Ícone EqualWeb

EqualWeb operates by providing the most sophisticated and innovative solutions in the Digital Accessibility segment. In other words, it promotes social inclusion and autonomy for individuals with special needs through software based on UI and UX, significantly reducing barriers in a segment that includes 42 million Brazilians.

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Ícone Hubspot

HubSpot was founded on the 'inbound' concept, the idea that people don't want to be interrupted by marketers or bothered by salespeople but want help. It's a CRM platform that is powerful and easy to use, creating delightful customer experiences.

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Ícone Playvox

Playvox operates on the front lines of customer service through software that includes quality assurance, workforce management, motivation tools, as well as coaching and training for employees. All of this is provided on an agile platform that allows for feedback collection to implement improvements and changes.

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